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we are a full service production studio!
from pre to post production, we've got you covered in 360™.

Production Services

Virtual Reality content production with binaural audio for Film, TV and Web including 4K, 2K and 1080p resolutions in full stereo-scopic 3D with binaural audio in 360, 220 and 180 degree formats with proper world perspective.

Post Production

Virtual Reality post production stitching, color correction and audio with NoSick™ Technology.

Live Event VR Broadcasting

We specialize in delivering your live event to viewers in full 360 stereoscopic VR video.

Available for Order

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MR220° Vision

220° Stereoscopic 3D Ten-Cam
Vertical Holder

MR220° Perspective

270° Stereoscopic 3D Ten-Cam
Horizontal Holder

MR270° Viewfinder

270° Stereoscopic 3D Ten-Cam No Minimal Distance Holder

MR360° Perspective Assembled

360° Stereoscopic 3D
Twenty-Cam Holder

MR360° Viewfinder Assembled

360° Stereoscopic 3D
Twenty-Cam Holder

*Cameras not included with Rig Purchase